OLGRUM Ltd. offers roller covering  and services in the field of series production of rubber rollers, silicone rollers and rubber sleeves that are applied in the following:


• transport systems (transport rollers, rubber wheels)

• agricultural industry (agricultural rollers)

• laminating machines (laminating rollers)

• copying machines

• wood industry (glue rollers)

• grinding machines

• phototype machines

• roller conveyors

Our company uses modern machinery as well as control-and-measuring equipment. Well-trained staff is a significant strength of OLGRUM Ltd. The manufacturing process is based on advanced technologies.


Rollers are automatically covered with rubber and then cured vulcanised in steam autoclave. Grinding process is strictly related to permanent monitoring of rollersí diameter, lenght, axliality, parallelism and cylindrical runout.

Assurance of the required quality level is an importnt element of the entire manufacturing process.

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The Dutch shareholder of OLGRUM Ltd is the largest manufacturer of rubber rollers in the Benelux countries. That company has capabilities to cover rollersí up to the lenght of 8 500mm, diameter of 2 000 mm and weight of 10 000 kg.

There are no impossible orders for us!

Our company is able to fulfil any order thanks to the wide range of own rubber compounds, verified/experienced production technology and modern machinery park.

We can offer rubber rollers and roller covering of the following shapes

Wałek o kształcie baryłkowym


Wałek o kształcie cylindrycznym


Wałek w innym kształcie