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The offer of OLGRUM Ltd includes production of polyurethane moulded components and rollers of a wide applicationís range in different industries.

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The highest quality polyurethanes

Properties of the articles we manufacture are characterised by the following parameters:


hardness from 25 Shore A up to 70 Shore D

Odporność na ścieranie

high abrasion resistance

Wytrzymałość na ściskanie

good compressive strength

Właściwości mechaniczne

excellent mechanical properties

Odporność na zrywanie

excellent tear and tensile strength

Odporność na temperatury

resistance in wide temperature range

Odporność na olej

oil resistance

Our polyurethane moulded products are inspected in the laboratory equipped with high-quality control- and- measuring toolsdevices.

The products of OLGRUM Ltd are manufactured by applying the most advanced means of production including the following:

air-conditioned work-stands

computer-controlled moulding injection machines

computer-controlled dryers

electronically-controlled grinding machines