and developement

Research and Development Departament of OLGRUM Ltd consists of a design section and a laboratory. The design section is responsible for designing of new rubber and polyurethane moulded products as well as printing and industrial rollers. That division deals with designing, drawing and constructing of traditional or redrawn moulds as well as so-called zero moulds and devices.

The laboratory not only carries out researches on chemical and mechanical possibilities of our own rubber compoundsí application but it also constantly tests capabilities of using new components. That activity enables our company to improve and modernize permanently the raw materials we use in the manufacturing process and to apply them in the following areas:

• rubberizing of rollers and sleeves

• rubber linings

• standardized technical rubber products

• series production of rubber rollers.

High quality of final products is our key target of the whole manufacturing process is assured thanks to permanent analysis and inspection of rubber compounds. Those activities are carried out on a basis of the formalized quality management system certified by B.V.Q.I. and usage of modern equipment.