OLGRUM Ltd. seated in Gdansk, Poland is a company with a production plant locatedin Olkusz.


The enterprise was established in 1996 on the base of Dutch capital as well as the capital belonging to a Polish family (operating rubber plant called OLGUM s.c. existing since 1982).

We are close related to Ruma Rubber B.V. - the largest manufacturer of rubber and polyurethane rollers in the Benelux countries.

We specialise in the production of technical moulded products of any shape and application using materials such as rubber, silicones, thermoplastics and polyurethanes. Besides we manufacture components by bonding different materials, e.g. rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-fabric, etc. The Olgrum Company also offers consulting services while selecting the best materials for particular application.


OLGRUM Ltd. also offers roller covering with rubber and polyurethane and production of rubber shafts, sleeves, drums and rollers of any types and shapes up to the diameter of 2 000 mm and the length of 8 500 mm.

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We approach each project individually, serving our clients with extensive knowledge and professional advice.


Since 1982, we have been constantly improving in the rubber products industry so that our customers receive only the highest quality products.

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We are constantly trying to expand our capabilities to meet market dynamics and be able to perform even the most demanding orders.

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