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Olgrum Sp. z o.o.
oddział w Olkuszu
ul. Głowackiego 9
32-300 Olkusz
tel: +48 32 647 36 50
tel: +48 32 641 31 12
fax: +48 32 647 36 51
e-mail: olgrum@olgrum.pl


The offer of OLGRUM Ltd includes production of polyurethane moulded components and rollers of a wide applicationís range in different industries. Properties of the articles we manufacture are characterised by the following parameters:

  • hardness from 25 Shore A up to 70 Shore D
  • high abrasion resistance
  • good compressive strength
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • excellent tear and tensile strength
  • resistance in wide temperature range
  • oil resistance
  • Filling a mould with polyurethane

Our polyurethane moulded products are inspected in the laboratory equipped with high-quality control- and- measuring toolsdevices. The products of OLGRUM Ltd are manufactured by applying the most advanced means of production including the following:

  • air-conditioned work-stands
  • computer-controlled moulding injection machines
  • computer-controlled dryers
  • electronically-controlled grinding machines