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Olgrum Sp. z o.o.
oddział w Olkuszu
ul. Głowackiego 9
32-300 Olkusz
tel: +48 32 647 36 50
tel: +48 32 641 31 12
fax: +48 32 647 36 51
e-mail: olgrum@olgrum.pl

Quality and Environment Policy


Olgrum Ltd. in Gdańsk, Olkusz Branch specialises in the production of technical rubber moulded products of unlimited shapes and applications using materials such as rubber, silicones, thermoplastics or polyurethanes. We also manufacture articles bonded with another materials, e.g. rubber-to-metal, rubber-to-fabric. We provide consulting services while selecting the best materials for particular application. Besides, we offer production, rubberizing and covering with polyurethane of rollers, sleeves, drums and rolls. We purchase and sell for trade wide-application goods, that are intended for domestic and foreign markets. Our mission is the production of environmentally-friendly articles and components characterised by quality that meets our clients’ highest expectations. We also aim for establishing of our strong brand reputation on the market.

Our objective is a strong position on the market, where Olgrum Ltd. is considered by clients as a company that guarantees high quality of products, customer service satisfaction and environmentally-friendly solutions. We aim to reach perfection by intense orientation to our final client’s demands, rational consumption of natural resources as well as constant improvement of processes and taking advantage of our professional personnel’s potential.


In our company’s activity, we take much care over issues related to the natural environment. We declare complete conformity with the law in this field and determination to constant reduction of negative environmental impact by economical and rational management of natural resources. We take actions to minimize the risks of potential danger or failure and their undesirable consequences.

The above-mentioned objectives are to be achieved via:

  • timely production of high-quality articles, using raw materials and components that meet client’s requirements as well as reduction of their negative environmental impact during production process;
  • complying with legal regulations that refer to natural environment;
  • ensuring constant supervision over efficiency of technical infrastructure and implementing organisational-and-technical solutions to minimize environmental impact of dangerous factors;
  • deliveries of goods according to clients’ expectations;
  • analysis and evaluation of customer satisfaction;
  • evaluation and verification of suppliers;
  • raising of personnel’s professional qualifications and awareness;
  • rational consumption of natural resources and reduced usage of energy carriers;
  • waste reduction and segregation.


 We declare complying with the applicable legal and other regulations, constant improvement of our Quality and Environment  Management System and providing resources necessary to implement guidelines of this policy.


The management of Olgrum Ltd. undertakes to review this policy in order to improve constantly Quality Management System in accordance with standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and Environment Management System in accordance with standard PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 as well as to update the policy and ensure its conformity with the company’s development.


Olkusz, 07.02.2013                                                               Management